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Pegging the price range of Timex such that the top end of the Timex range overlapped somewhat with the lower end of Titan. It has far reaching implications on other aspects of the business system of the company. You can turn the tap on and off a sub brand which is what Aquaria was but cannot afford to do it for a brand.

Research, must therefore, act as a provider of Titan case study Just a simple road map of the most obvious route from Point A to Point B; but must provide a sensitive enough map of the entire terrain which can help the business builder to chart his own path, being seasonably forewarned about the obstacles or minefields in the entire terrain.

It introduced technology-backed challenge in a category completely governed by individual trust. The scheme has now been in operation for four months. Tata helped pave the path to industrialization in India by seeding pioneering businesses in sectors such as steel, energy, textiles and hospitality.

In the event that no need gaps exist nor are creatable, the focus shifts to a better translation of brand equity, through better communication or better cues to the same equity like marginal product changes or new packaging.

Further, the entire shopping experience degree. Large firms generate cash that can be invested in other ventures. Similarly, customer service after sales service was another major route to building equity — truly international customer service which repaired not Just the offending product but also the damaged customer feelings.

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It highlighted the fact that Quartz watches were seen o be high tech, attractive and accurate but expensive, not durable, delicate and difficult to pair. Thus, the sub branding strategy was to create labels on different products in the range but establish the meaning of the labels later on.

That this data reflected the market of today and not that of tomorrow. Moving Titan and its three sub brands to even Geiger priced brands vacating the lower and mid price segments of the market for Timex.

The task on hand for Titan Watches Ltd. That is, the core business sustains itself on its money making ventures, and uses this cash flow to create new ventures that generate additional profits.

Experts say it is one of the trickier questions to answer. Therefore, the time had come to Rulebook at the titan brand and what it had come to mean to consumers.

Appropriating relevant symbolic values of Americana — a platform both synergistic and distinct from that of Titan. It wanted to play the volume game. In the context of building brand equity also, the implicit presumption is that advertising and packaging are critical while the rest of the marketing variables play a supporting role.

The market was unhappy about poor looking, poor style watches. Five decision areas relating to creating and managing brand equity are discussed with a view to bring into sharp focus the differences between the approaches of marketing management and marketing strategy; and hence the differential approaches that market research must adopt.

Marketing and Communication Strategy of Titan Industries' Watch Division

Diversification is a form of growth strategy. Mechanical watches on the other hand were exactly the opposite — yet preferred by of buyers. Similarly, other industries like durables, and consumer electronics had managed to break through the barriers of consumer skepticism when it came to adoption of new technology.

Fortunately, the management of Titan had the gift of vision and they came to the following assessment: More importantly, in a fixed manufacturing capacity situation, it allowed the company the flexibility to switch the volumes up and down due to bottom line considerations; or spurts in demand for Titan or slackened demand for Titan.

However, there were certain considerations which required the company to decide that the future of the Aquaria brand should be-managing success is obviously as much of a problem as managing failure, in the larger corporate context.

The smuggled watch market was large enough to act as a first base in the initial phase, armed as the company was with the Data pedigree and the values that went with it.

Here market research did not play a role in a formal sense. Look at what opportunity a two brand portfolio could offer, and hence determine what the future strategic direction for the Titan-Timex combine should be.

It has settled down after fluctuations in the first two months due to the changeover. It was a big costly mistake. Titan entered the watch market as a premium watch. Finally, the strategic values of sub branding is a to stretch the equity as much as possible without rupturing it and b also to cash in on the newer facets of equity that a brand acquires as it evolves.

Titan Company is the unquestioned leader in Indian Watch Industry. And not necessarily that which is capable of pulling in the largest volume.

In the case of Titan watches, if the brand equity was to be in line with the business strategy of maximizing realization of watches sold given a certain volume base, then the chosen brand equity should be hat which is capable of commanding a price premium from the consumer over and above its intrinsic value.

7/18/ case study on TITAN wathes Consumer Motivation 1 7/18/ case study on TITAN wathes Consumer Motivation 3 Established inwith joint venture with TIMEX At launch it was the third watch company in India after HMT and Allwyn.5/5(1). Case Study: Honeywell Titan Used in Texas. In a highway paving trial performed in collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation, Honeywell Titan additives were used in a PG SMA-D mix to pave lane-miles of State Highway in Beaumont, Texas.

Titan Case Analysis 1. Changes in regulation lifting of quantitative restrictions leading to cheap imports from China and high-end watches from Swiss.

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Answer to Case Study-Titan Insurance Company The Titan Insurance Company has just installed a new incentive payment scheme for its.

Case Study: Honeywell Titan Used in Texas. In a highway paving trial performed in collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation, Honeywell Titan additives were used in a PG SMA-D mix to pave lane-miles of State Highway in Beaumont, Texas. Bang Industries Case Study Learn how Bang Industries leverages MSPComplete to sell and onboard more customers to the cloud.

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Titan case study
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TITAN Case Study