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This is throwing up a another range of issues — most notably the ability of teachers and senior managers to work with, and recognize the contribution and worth of, other professional groupings.

In this case, there is the possibility of a real development in the way in which schools relate to their communities and set about educating their pupils.

They now need the co-operation of other professionals in order to reach the standards or performance by which their schools are judged.


Extended schools may be sites for some forms of intervention around norms, activities and organization within communities, but they fall a long way short of the classic concerns of community education and learning see, for example, the contrast between this position and that taken by the Scottish Executive in Working and learning together to build stronger communities.

Does the information show that your child is not making adequate educational progress and will not achieve the objectives of the IEP over the course of the regular school year.

Many students lose some skills over school breaks, and then must relearn those skills when back in school. A strategy to build a world-class workforce for children and young people, London: Overall, the commonest activities included breakfast clubs, after school and holiday activities for pupils, family learning, adult education, childcare and community use of school facilities.

They defined the task in the following terms: Be sure to put this request in writing to the school principal or school district special education director and specify the purpose of the meeting. If the likelihood of regression is established, then the IEP team must determine whether the time the student will require to re-learn the skills lost — called recoupment — is excessive, particularly when compared to the time it takes a nondisabled student to regain skills lost during a school break.

FSESs were having a range of other impacts on outcomes for pupils, including engagement with learning, family stability and enhanced life chances.

You may need to pursue an independent assessment of your child's need for ESY. In order to provide the specific programs and services to meet the student's needs, a variety of program options can be considered. Wilkin et al Their audit of extended schooling provision also showed great variety amongst schools in the range of activity and investment in them.

The letter should be sent in a way that you will have proof of its receipt by the district, for example, sending it by certified mail. This letter should request a response by a certain date to help the scheduling process.

The ESS Program takes many forms, including daytime, after-school, and before-school instruction; Saturday activities; summer programs; or intersessions.

The has been a tendency to adopt what might be described as a deficit or medical model of working. As a guideline for determining eligibility for an extended school year program, a review period of eight weeks or more would indicate that substantial regression has occurred.

With the exception of community access to school facilities, at least nine in ten schools were offering each of the elements of the core offer. They can give a lead in encouraging schools down this route, help plan local strategies within which the work of schools is embedded, network schools with other schools and agencies, link schools to communities, provide specialist expertise and advice, give a lead on the management of funding and assist schools with the evaluation of their work.

Parent interviews and student interviews where appropriate. The typical period of review or reteaching ranges between 20 and 40 days.

Magoffin County Schools offer ESS programs through a variety of formats including after school sessions, before school sessions, daytime waiver sessions and jump start programs. In order to determine their long-term effects, however, a longitudinal and wider-ranging evaluation strategy than has been possible here is needed Where extended schools are more ambitious in terms of their aims, it is important that they develop dedicated leadership structures.

The student may need a Section Plan to ensure that needed accommodations are provided. If you spend time at home reinforcing what is done at school, or tutor your child, and your child still does not meet set goals, an argument can be made that ESY is necessary for your child to maintain learned material.

Extended School Services ESS is a program of instructional services provided by schools for students who need additional time to achieve expected outcomes. If your student forgets that much and takes that long to recover, he or she will benefit from ESY services.

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Who is eligible for extended school year programs and services?. Extended School Services or "ESS" means instructional and support services provided by schools for students who need additional time to achieve academic expectations.

Extended schools and services – theory, practice and issues

ESS funds are allocated to the schools for the purpose of operating a program for students to reach short and long term goals. Extended School Services.

Extended School Year Services

Overview; Extended School Services. Extended School Services- ESS hrs. are am to pm. Lakeside Farms ESS may be reached at () Last Modified on November 30, Lakeside Farms Elementary A CBEE Honor Roll Recipient. Extended school year (ESY) services are special education and related services that are provided by the school district beyond the traditional school year, usually during the summer.

Extended School Year Services Join us for summer learning and fun at HPS! We are excited to announce these high-quality Extended School Year (ESY) special education learning opportunities for qualifying HPS students in grades PK Our school district offers before and after school service program that includes assistance with homework, daily nutritional snack, group games, Recess, weekly genius box activity, little passports world exploration and S.T.E.A.M activities.

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The need for extended school year (ESY) services must be considered for every student with a disability at each Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team meeting. ESY services must be provided if the IEP Team determines that such services are necessary for the provision of a free appropriate.

Extended schools and services Extended school services
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